Wednesday, 13 January 2021

You Fully Deserve Any 'Abuse' You Get...

The scheme, which saw the TVs showing coronavirus rules, was announced via Facebook on Tuesday, but officials deleted the post just two days later.
The council claimed comments 'crossed the line into abuse of people who are working hard to help residents and workers in Bradford District stay safe and stop the spread of the virus'.
The authority has defended the move claiming the scheme has been 'well received generally by members of the public'. hasn't! 

Locals were left stunned by the initiative and slammed the authority for frittering away taxpayers' cash.

Well, quite.  


Dr Evil said...

These are the same bunch of morons who will demand an increase in council tax come April. Profligate lunacy.

Bucko said...

Seeing one of those would turn me straight back into a little kid again. I'd be following it round taking pictures and trying to push it over