Friday 22 May 2009

Ali Ooops!

Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei was today charged with misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.
The race card to be played in 3...2...

Oh. That was fast!
Alfred John, chair of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, said the decision was "outrageous" and the result of "personal vendettas".


Anonymous said...

As someone who had endure this individual I am so happy and pleased that the decision to charge him has been taken. After the last failure to deal with him (costing the taxpayer some 7 million pounds) I can only assume they have him 'bang to rights'. They must do otherwise I am sure they wouldn't have bothered, that or they're happy to pay him even more money and promote him even higher. That said Michael Mansfield is 'coming out of retirement' to defend him - that speaks volumes to someone like me. The failure to successfully prosecute him the last time As I understand things was because of identifying intel sources in court. Shame. Dizaei broke every undertaking he gave after his acceptance of an apology, being given £80K compo and promotion to Commander. If he was trying to change the system for the better maybe his actions could be understood, but it is clear that everything done, using the race card at every opportunity, has been done for Dizaei himself. Those that attach themselves to him and 'the cause' like Mr John and the BPA are further evidence that the race industry is a nice little earner and provides disproportionate access to power and influence, all built on lies. That said I won't be cheering just yet - not until Dizaei is carted off in a SERCO prisoner transport van en route to Pentonville. I hope that no public money is spent on his defence either via legal aid or via the NBPA.

JuliaM said...

"..I can only assume they have him 'bang to rights'. They must do otherwise I am sure they wouldn't have bothered.."

I wonder how much influence the new man at the Met has had...?