Sunday, 11 July 2010

George Romero’s Newest Production….

…’VAT Fraud of The Dead’:
The ringleader of a criminal gang from Blackburn, who fraudulently obtained £1.3m in VAT refunds, was claimed to be dead in an attempt to derail enquiries into the group's financial affairs.

Tasejad Hussain Jeffrey was jailed for 34 months at Manchester Crown Court yesterday and banned from being a director for eight years, for submitting false VAT claims and money laundering.
We’ve had slow zombies, then fast zombies. I suppose it’s only natural that we should now have tax-evading zombies…


Clarissa said...

Sounds more like Hotblack Desiato to me.

Greencoat said...

What did the police do before mass immigration?

And who cleared the tumbleweed out of our courtrooms?

JuliaM said...

"Sounds more like Hotblack Desiato to me."

Heh! Gotta love a 'Hitchiker's' reference... ;)

"What did the police do before mass immigration?"

I think they had plenty of interesting (and horrible) crimes even then. But I'm pretty sure the names were a lot easier to spell, and didn't take up so much space in the notebook...