Friday, 16 July 2010


It seems the spirit of Monty Python lives on – in Basildon!:
A Basildon arts group responsible for promoting creativity in the town has been divided by infighting.

Members of the Basildon Arts Collective are in a state of confusion after feuding led to a splinter group, bearing the same name, being set up.
Oh, my giddy aunt…

…a war of words has since erupted between the collective’s elected chairman, Liz Grant, and founding member Steve Waters, one of the puppeteers behind internet-star Old Man Stan.

Mrs Grant, 52, claims Mr Waters, responsible for the group’s website, and some of his supporters have carried out a coup by blocking her and others from the website.

In response, she has set up a new website which she says is the new home for the legitimate Basildon Arts Collective.

There’s art in Basildon? Enough to justify one group, never mind two?


microdave said...

"Is this the five minute argument, or the full half hour?"

"I've told you once...."

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Shades of Peter Simple and the housewives' fan clubs.

Anonymous said...

Basildon Arts Centre used to be quite radical (for S.E. Essex). When I was a lot younger they used to put on a lot of good movies that you couldn't have seen anywhere else (outside of London), e.g. The War Game, Mr. Hulot's Holiday. Ideal for that tricky first date!

Of course, that's before the word "Arts" became an excuse for large subsidies.