Wednesday 13 May 2015

Gaming 1993: "Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers" (Dell 486)

Moving on up to a 486 (a Ferrari of a machine, in those days!) and I remember the brand well - it was a Dell, and I stuck with this brand for the next few years.

The game is the original 'Gabriel Knight', a point & click from Sierra Games similar to last month's 'Indiana Jones' game, but with celebrity voices, a marvellous soundtrack  and a voodoo plot that was totally immersive.

It went on to spawn two sequels (which I also played) dealing with werewolves and - of course! - the Knights Templar, and I would love to see a new game featuring the same characters with modern rendering!

You can see progression in PC games in this series quite clearly – the initial game was a point & click with cell-shaded graphics, the second used a lot of the dreaded video cutscenes, and by the time the third and last rolled around, we were into 3D environment (albeit a rudimentary one, by modern standards).


Anonymouslemming said...

Unfortunately, not a new game, but a redo of the old one with updated assets -

JuliaM said...

And sadly, not the original voices :(