Saturday, 8 July 2017

Third World Inhabitants, Third World Attitudes...

Relatives were concerned about the overall death toll and the time it was taking to identify the dead.
The answers are not being given. People are asking the questions, but we are being told, ‘We still don’t know,’” Choucair said earlier. He is still uncertain about what happened to his mother, Sirria Choucair; his brother-in-law, Bassem Choukair; his sister Nadia Choucair; and their three children: Mierna, 13; Fatima, 11; and Zainab, three.
That's because they still don't know. It's not some vast conspiracy to prevent people from knowing.
His family has been allocated a family liaison officer by the police, but still had no confirmation about the fate of the missing relatives. Police have not formally told them that the family are missing, presumed dead. “We are praying for the best,” he said. “It is killing us more than anything, not being told what we should know. It is very unfair and very inhumane. We have to sit by, every day and wonder what is happening. I can’t express how we all feel.”
It is what it is. Good grief, in most of the Third World areas these people hail from, the 'authorities' would have bulldozed the tower already after a cursory search!
Police have told the family that the top three floors, where his relatives lived in two flats, remain very unsafe. “It is very unstable, very insecure,” he said. “They say it may take days, months, years to search. How can you tell a parent, loved ones, a family, ‘Just hang on in there, hold on, one day we will know’? That’s not right. It’s not fair. Things should be done more quickly.
Which part of 'unsafe' are you unclear on, exactly? It's going as fast as it can reasonably go, in a country with H&S laws.
Sid-ali Atmani lived with his wife, daughter and stepson on the 15th floor of the tower.
He said they were offered a two-bedroom flat in the nearby borough of Westminster, but he was holding out for something the right size and near his children’s school, adding that residents were “not asking for the moon, they are asking for dignity”.
Jesus wept! Where's the dignity in living off the taxpayer and demanding more and more as if you were entitled to it?
There was also a widespread demand for detailed answers on the process of DNA testing and the recovery of bodies. Anna Thwaites, a Bindmans solicitor, said: “Families want information about why the identification process is taking so long.”
They've been given that information. They don't seem to be listening, or comprehending. Shouldn't it be your job to tell them that?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes probably won't get compo until they are confirmed dead?

Anonymous said...

All those ****ers who are whining about the time it's taking to identify and remove bodies should be given a bucket and shovel and locked in the wreckage with a cheery "well, you have a go then, sunshine."

Especially Lily Allen.

Tees Maid said...

If they lived there and you haven't seen them or heard from them since the fire, and if they were not in the habit of flitting off to the south of France without telling you, then draw your own conclusions, it's not rocket science. Being told "officially" ain't going to change things.

Anonymous said...

For those who are interested search on 'Disaster Victim Identification'. This is a protocol used internationally after such an incident.
Too many keyboard warriors seem to think it's like CSI and can be done quickly, it can't. It is done as quickly as possible but seeks, as far as is possible, to avoid mistakes. You should remember that in the UK the Coroner will retain primacy and will decide when to release the remains to the next of kin.
The UK police used to maintain at least two Body Recovery and Identification teams. Grenfell Tower will be very resource intensive. If you recall the Germanwings incident DVI teams from all over Europe were involved so I wouldn't be surprised if other international teams were on site.
I would have invited David Lammy to come and visit the site and then told him to wind his neck in. You may also be interested to know that that the tower is being monitored for safety but the warning sirens were switched off after 'upsetting' locals.

Oi you said...

Strewth, can it get any more painful? Odd how they're politicising it to the nth degree. You would really think it had been done on purpose by a vicious white thug, Nick Griffin lookalike, determined to get his own back on his black brothers. Tempting to ask, if the situation had been reversed and Grenfell Tower had been full of white people, would it have been any different...


The Blocked Dwarf said...

I suspect some journalistic 'enhancement' or 'clarification' here. Assuming the gentleman with the traditional cockney sounding name isn't a total fucking idiot, who doesn't get the fairly simple concept of 'the only way to recover the bodies is to wait for the block to collapse/be demol'd then dig' then either he's giving housing benefit claimants a bad name by using the MIA as further pressure on Housing (if you make their lives unpleasant enough it can be quite amazing what bijou 4 bed property with a garden and parking space they can find, if you're of the right ....hmmm...'background') or- and what I suspect the more likely- some gentleman of press has decided to enhance a non-story to keep the fires of VICTIM OUTRAGE burning and selling papers.

It wouldn't surprise me if Mr 'Jellied Eels' is having a 'WTF' moment himself.

Longrider said...

We will still be hearing about this and the underlying wider social issues and how someone, somewhere - probably a Tory - hasn't been hanged drawn and quartered as justice decrees, twenty years from now. This one is going to run and run. Mark my words.

Thud said...

Considering none of them have experience of anything more complicated than a donkey or goat the intricacies of events in a civilized country is understandably rather beyond your average savage.

Jim said...

Compare the attitude shown here to the attitude shown by the families of the people who died in the Didcot power station demolition accident - they had to wait months for the site to be safely cleared and the bodies of their loved ones removed. We didn't have all this accusatory tone there, just an understanding of the difficulties the authorities faced, and that the most important thing was that no-one else got hurt in the process. But those families were English of course..............