Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Yeah, That's Maybe Not The Reason...

University of East London (UEL) students have helped to organise a protest against the so-called war on drugs.
Holding up banners and posters, the students engaged one-on-one with members of the public to criticise the government’s punitive approach to drug use and to promote more compassion and support.
Student Daniel Hay said the response from the public on Monday was positive.
He said: “The day was brilliant – lots of very receptive people who were genuinely interested and supportive of the campaign.
“I found virtually no resistance to the movement from the people I spoke to.”
He added: “I think changing the location of the campaign from Westminster [last year] to Stratford was a great move, as people who so often feel alone and neglected were able to see that there’s people out there fighting for them.”
Ah. Not because they're all stoned, then?


Northish said...

I was quite libertarian on drug use, with the execption of the likes of heroin from which there is rarely a way back. I am now in favour of the Singaporean approach because, at best, drugs offer a short term feelgood and then you come down to your life as it was, but with less cash and a bit of lost time that you will never get back. At worst, you become an utter liability to your family, friends and society as a whole, with the exception of your dealer, whose lifestyle you support.

Anonymous said...

Another example of loony, parasitical, SJWs, making a nuisance of themselves instead of studying for the degrees (which we are paying for). If there is ever an example to cancel ALL further education funding after 6th form or college, this is it. If they want to go to university, pay for the bloody thing themselves. DO NOT take our money and then slag us off. To think that these tunnel visioned cretins are future captains of industry fills me with horror.