Sunday, 10 June 2018

Sunday Funnies...

It seems New Zealand has the best ad agency in the world....

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JS said...

Unfortunately Cracked is as PC blinkered/cowardly as they come.

For example, item 2 on the list. Cracked could have taken a pop at the customs and religion of Saudi Arabia which make it virtually impossible to have reasonable photographs of women in adverts. It could have poked fun at the local adverts which are no doubt ten times worse.
No, instead it has to slag off walking-on-eggshells IKEA who are placed in an impossible position by something which isn't their fault in the first place.

Of course IKEA bear the "original sin" of being from a mainly white country which is among the most egalitarian the world has ever known. The fact that Sweden is rapidly descending into a violence-ridden hellhole is because of the stark contrast between its nicey, nicey attitudes and the attitudes of a country like Saudi.

Cracked, (much like Private Eye and TV comics these days) are oh so smug about how satirical and brave they are as they unerringly kick the wrong target which won't fight back while covering for the nasty b******s who they know would.