Monday, 11 June 2018

You Will Never Be As Woke As Vicky Pickering...

Vicky Pickering, practice manager at Hollins Grove Surgery in Darwen, is fasting for the entire month of Ramadan in solidarity with her patients.
Vicky said: “I decided to fast as we have a new Muslim GP and a large number of new patients from the Muslim community and I thought I would do it to see how they feel and out of respect for them.”
Did you ever do anything for Lent, Vicky?
“Dr Zaki Patel took over this surgery in January after the last GP retired.
“Since Dr Zaki arrived, many of his patients followed him.
“Up until January we only had a handful of patients from the BME community. Now we have about 300.”
She added: “I don’t want to be sat here eating and drinking in front of them.
“I want to know why they fast and how they do it. I want to learn about it all through fasting.”
I'm reminded once more of that classic exchange between Dustin and Laurence...
“On the first day of Ramadan when I broke my fast, I texted Dr Zaki to say how grateful I was to be able to turn on a tap of water and how important it is to realise that not everyone has access to this.
Mentally I am in a different place when I am fasting. I am prepared for it and I feel so positive about it.”
You won't when you read the comments to th....


That's handy for you, eh?


David J said...

Cultural surrender - a kind of weird Stockholm Syndrome fetish.

Oi you said...

For goodness sake, is there no end to this stupid nonsense?


Anonymous said...

If Vicky is so intent on following the customs of the good doctor, I wonder if she would also willingly allow her daughter, if she has one, or a female child relative, to have her clitoris and labial lips cut off, and her vagina sewn up to allow a heightened pleasure for whichever man has sex with her? Perhaps she will also direct any gay patient to the top storey of a nearby car park to begin the free first lesson, of one, of learning to fly? On the plus side, she can save a shed load of money on new clothes by coming to work in a bin bag. Meanwhile, I trust that the good doctor and family are assimilating themselves into the customs of UK society?

Thud said...

My family have always been quite rigourous in Lent regarding fasting but never in decades has anybody made an issue of it or used it as an excuse, different times and different people perhaps.

Anonymous said...

More 'Asian' patients following the cultural practices of mohammedans.

Can we please have information on the incidence of birth defects in babies born to mothers who are close relatives of their husbands?

And susceptility to other health problems in those communities?

Or can we not have that information?

Anonymous said...

I'm not in the least bit religious. My thing happens to be endurance events, marathons and triathlons mostly. When I'm training for a really big event I have to abstain from beer, sometimes for several months. I really like beer. But if I go out for a social event or a meal at a pub, I don't expect everyone else to refrain from drinking beer in front of me. It is my choice not to drink beer, I don't expect other people to give a shit about it, why should they?


andy said...

Anonymous 06:38, Re the rate of serious birth defects in children born to related parents,I saw a newspaper report a few years back that stated while muslims make up 3% of the UKs population they make up 30% of parents with children born with birth defects so severe that the child would never be able to function as an independent adult.

Just Trevor said...

Is she also following the deeply spiritual practice of gorging herself stupid during the hours of darkness?

Sobers said...

I wonder if the Muslim doctors will be joining in with the fun and frolics of the Christmas period, all in the spirit of respecting other cultures of course? Organising a practice carol service perhaps, or having a nice little Nativity Scene in the waiting room?

Just Trevor said...


Pakistani consanguineous marriage is our strength.