Friday, 9 November 2018

Finding Rotten Apples...

Peter McIlduff was arrested after detectives discovered the 39-year-old was communicating with a known paedophile in an internet chat room where pictures of child pornography were traded.
Officers raided his home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, last September and confiscated a laptop from his locker at Wythenshawe police station.
They recovered hundreds of images downloaded over a three-year period, including 69 of the most disgusting scenes of abuse – labelled category A – featuring children as young as three.
Bang to rights!

Nice work for once, lads. I can't imagine how gutting it must feel to know that one of your colleagues is the very worst sort of wrong 'un...
Judge Paul Lawton imposed a 12-month suspended jail sentence after hearing that McIlduff had sought counselling, adding: 'As there has been a rise in defendants going to prison, there is a drain on resources and staff.'


Anonymous said...

Come on down Melvin. It must be laptop time soon in the home.

DJ said...

Repeat After Me: There. Is. No. Plan. To. Normalise. Pedophilia.

It's just that people in the politics, the media and the judiciary keep acting exactly the way people would if they thought pedophilia was no big deal. Total coincidence, nothing to see here, you knuckle-dragging red top readers.

Anonymous said...

I’m fine with that. As long as he is first castrated.

MTG said...

This piece of dross was never likely to find honest and demanding employment. Fortunately for us, he was merely an unknown trainee. Once the very worst have eluded 'screening' and served a few years with their 'mates', the likes of WC Jaded will hide or destroy vital evidence in a bid to compromise criminal proceedings and maximise cash settlements at our expense.

I do believe cases of 'hidden' evidence are making news at the moment, JuliaM.

Anonymous said...

Melvin has been given detention at school. He'll be online later, Jaded.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear MTG. The tinfoil hat is on tight tonight and cutting off the blood supply to your brain. Fellow officers arrested and prosecuted this weirdo, he didn't hand himself in. It was the weak judiciary that let him off. We police find child sex offenders repulsive, they only get covered up by the priesthood, the BBC and Parliament to name a few.

johnd2008 said...

Julia, I am becoming concerned that MTG's comments are becoming more unhinged than usual.
His last comment about Jaded is libelous. I doubt that Jaded will take issue, water off a duck's back ,and all that, but it might be advisable to remind people that a little common courtesy, if not common sense would not be amiss.

Anonymous said...

@ johnd2008

The civil case of Baglow v Smith may have confused you. This was a case to test whether defamatory words which refer only to an on-line pseudonym, can be defamatory.

The identity of Jaded, or WC Jaded, has never been disclosed nor has his/her true identity been outed. Indeed, Jaded or WC Jaded, has put himself/herself to a great deal of trouble by maintaining that said anonymity. Where words refer to such on-line pseudonyms only, it has now been established that there can be no defamation.

Conversely, 'MTG' has been bullied and sullied both on this blog and on one-time police blogs where his name, occupation and home address have been cowardly published by anonymous police contributors. In obtaining this information, the possibility that police made criminal use of police resources (and did so in different ways), cannot be ruled out. These actions have sufficiently identified 'MTG' so that future defamation of his character is suitable to become the subject(s) of lawsuit(s).

In Baglow v Smith, the court found that John Baglow was sufficiently identified in a defamatory statement for the lawsuit to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Talking about yourself in the third person is a sign of madness and pomposity.

Rest assured MTG, I've never used the police computer to look you up. I'm sure if i did it the result would set off klaxons in the building.


johnd2008 said...

I was a Police Officer ,starting as a young naive Special Constable,and becoming a full time regular in my late thirties,serving for a total of 40 years.Now long retired, I have seen the Police go through many changes, not all of them good ones. I hate the way in which they have become politicized with the apparent help of government, civil service and senior ranks.
As far as MTG is concerned, his hatred of the police is a wonder to behold. I have no idea what has caused it but it must have been something truly traumatic,and for that he has my sympathy. As far as the bullying is concerned, I have no time for anyone who indulges in this behaviour, having suffered myself.However MTG does give as good as he gets and some of his intemperate remarks would spark a violent reaction in a lot of people.
This is the problem with anonymous comment threads, that a lot of things are said that would never be said face to face, either because of common courtesy, or a fear of a violent response.

MTG said...

Hi, Penise. It is probably a tough task for the average policeman to comprehend...and an even more difficult one to emulate, but I never allow myself feelings of hatred that can only reduce me to feral behaviour/rash thinking. And you forget or misunderstand, my two prior denials to your perennial accusation. Since your ideolect often bears inferences of 'violent response', it seems clear that you are more familiar with extreme and debilitating emotions. J'ai la haine rien que d'y repenser.

However I am not above enjoying the spectacle of this vice in others. Try not to tear at the bait so enthusiastically or jump completely out of the water so as to accidentally expose your substitute pseudonym.