Thursday, 8 November 2018

It's A Ready Made Excuse!

Blood joined the police in 2002 and has worked in Enfield, Walthamstow, and Barking.
The poor sod is obviously suffering from PTSD! C'mon, defence, do your stuff!
Colleagues of Blood testified to his character on the second day of the hearing, describing d him as 'professional' and 'committed to providing a good service to the community.'
I assume that's 'service' in the farmyard use of the term?


Sobers said...

The funny thing is that in the old days he would never have gotten anywhere in the police because someone would have marked his card as being a wrong'un fairly early doors. But now in the legalistic world we live in, he's able to rise through the ranks, and we end up where we are today, where a person who is not suitable to be a law officer has been for many years, and has been promoted as well.

I have this theory that the whole thrust of law in recent years, which has been going away from a strict innocent/guilty dividing line, is trying desperately to recreate the old style of society whereby a good deal of decision making was done on the say so of informal networks - blackballing people from employment on the grounds of 'not the right sort' for example. But of course the old style, while unfair at times, was also tempered by the limitations of the individual doing the blackballing. Whereas now a person is blackballed permanently and nationally (maybe internationally) by some 'register' or other that they may have been placed on.

As ever the old way of doing things has proved to be right, but the PTB can't accept that things go back to the old ways, and must retain the power for themselves in the centre.

MTG said...

An ineffective public 'service', now fully exposed for collusion and collective depravity. Words are squandered on the uniformed scum.