Tuesday, 7 July 2020

"It's Everyone Else's Fault, 'cos I Is Black!"

Jordan Walker-Brown fell from a wall while being pursued by two officers. A Metropolitan Police officer is under criminal investigation by the police watchdog over the incident in London.
It will examine what role ethnicity played in decisions that day amid concerns about the disproportionate use of Tasers on black men.
So this young black chap was just innocently walking down the road when the police decided to arrest him for no reason?
"I do not pretend to be anyone other than myself," Mr Walker-Brown told the BBC from hospital in a statement released through his lawyer.
"I ran from the police because I had a small amount of cannabis in my possession for personal use - and I had fresh in my mind the memory of a similar encounter with TSG [Territorial Support Group] officers only the previous day when I was mistreated, arrested and charged for possession of a similar amount of cannabis."
Ah. Well, I guess that explains that!
He said he believed he was targeted by police because he is black.
"I know that I would not have been the subject of police attention, on either day, if I had not been a young black man," he added in the statement.
You don't think the 'being caught with cannabis earlier' had anything to do with it then? Oh, and being a known criminal?
Jordan Walker-Brown has previously served time in prison.
We aren't told what for. Maybe that would spoil the picture the BBC - our state broadcaster, remember - is trying to present of this poor innocent lamb?

And as for 'disproportionate use of taser on black men', perhaps they should look to the many YouTube videos of the attitudes to police questions that they display?


Anonymous said...

No Usain Bolt, is he?

Anonymous said...

It's becoming an impossible job. But several experts will be along soon telling me that it's all my fault.

MTG 1 said...

Believe me, it won't be long before Mr Plod AND Mr Noah Description are both fully armed and engaged in Stalingrad style confrontations. Nobody here should express the slightest surprise at a developing VernichtungsKrieg. An inevitable Teutonic solution which began life as an itchy but benign wart, has developed into generalised ulcers across the UK. Successive governmental shambles and continued political incompetence are also draining the will to live from 'indigenous citizens'.

These same 'indigenous citizens' will (depending on their points of view) be forced to experience a bloody carnage in their midst or taste the privileged popcorn entertainment once enjoyed by Franklin Roosevelt as he watched America's only rival Superpowers escalate the military means to annihilate each other.

Anonymous said...

Blacketty Black Man climbed up a wall,
Blacketty Black Man had a great fall,
All the Queen’s coppers and Cressida Dick,
Think that the Black Man’s a stupid young prick.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for the BBC, the mouthpiece of the woke generation. Safe in its ivory tower and sitting on a huge pile of money extorted from people who dispise it.

Anonymous said...

Jaded, of course it's all your fault! Who else could possibly be to blame? The graduate entry seniors, the vast army of legal aid lawyers and the rich not in my backyard mob always know best. Well right up to the moment when the brown really hits the fan and then it's all down to you again. After that you can sit back and enjoy bring told how you didn't do it right by those who were not there. Happy days our kid.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whom you have in mind, Jaded?
No prizes for the right answer!

Sgt Albert Hall said...

Shame we can’t see the charming young lady in need of elocution lessons.

JuliaM said...

"No Usain Bolt, is he?"


"Think that the Black Man’s a stupid young prick."

*promotes you to Poet In Residence*

"Shame we can’t see the charming young lady in need of elocution lessons."

I suspect the budding Spielberg lacked the necessary wide-angle lens...