Thursday, 16 July 2020

"We Need Female Judges To Stamp Out Domestic Violence.."

Daniel Heath accused his partner of cheating on him, and flew into a drunken rage when he stumbled into her Basildon home after drinking heavily.
The 34-year-old of Lottem Road, Canvey, banged on the door of his partner’s home before being let in at 1am on February 5 this year, three hours after she went to bed. He falsely accused her of having another man in her home, and the shouting woke up her 11-year-old son, who went into the bedroom to comfort her. Heath then punched the woman and left her with a black eye, before going downstairs and getting a kitchen knife, shouting ‘when I find him, I will kill you both’ before falling asleep in an armchair.
Over the course of the next week Heath would watch his partner and her son, turning up one evening and calling her son “scum”.
The court heard of an incident when his partner moved her car off the drive so it looked like she wasn’t in. Heath called her asking where she had gone, and when she claimed she was at her mother’s house, he told her he had been there and not seen her car.
On another occasion he came around, took a hammer from the shed and hit it against kitchen work surfaces, and smashed a photo frame as he left the house, when his partner called the police.
Heath was arrested and later went on to admit controlling and coercive behaviour, assault and criminal damage.
Ooh, the justice system is going to deal with an animal like you as you deserve. Isn't it?
Mitigation said that Heath was “disgusted” by his actions and had sought help to curb his alcoholism.
Hah! As if that'll get you off the hook!
Judge Samantha Cohen told Heath he had put his partner and her son through a “terrifying” ordeal and gave him a 16 month suspended sentence, 150 hours unpaid work and £340 in costs.


Bucko said...

I bet she takes him back...

MTG 1 said...

The inference that UK courts are incapable of dispensing draconian punishments, is a tad unfair.

We all know that a motorist alleged to have been speeding at 35 mph will be saddled with the costs of a ridiculously expensive trial before breaking on the wheel.

jannerfish said...

The partner will take him back too. Then when he meets her again, Judge Cohen can come down hard with an extra hour of litter picking. He'll be sorry then.

Anonymous said...

Canvey? What do you expect? So the con is scum. He is too. And probably she is, as well. That's what you get in Canvey. Personally, I'd have thought that being punched by scum if better than being f*cked by scum, but what do I know?

Incidentally, I went to school with scum, and came home on several occasions with a black eye or other injuries from 'school mates'. She's lucky the hammer was applied to inanimate objects, not her. At least he's not Sutcliffe.

Besides, as a likely Labour supporter, he's likely to be antisemitic, and therefore far from impressed by a judge named Cohen. Perhaps she'd rather not meet him, even sans hammer, on a dark night.

And one final remark, Julia, and that is if he was imprisoned we'd have to pay a lot more to keep him than just the benefits he undoubtedly enjoys. He's only violent to the daft bitch who let him into her life, and Canvey is a long way from where I live. Good for judge Cohen, looking after the taxpayer I say.

Unknown said...

He's not Maxwell, either - he of the Silver Hammer. perhaps 'con' should have been 'son'?

UsedtobeBanned said...

Probably grew up in Jaywick, moving to Canvey shows Daniel is capable of making positive lifestyle choices.

Lord T said...

What is it with women's self esteem so that they hang on to men like this? She should get rid of him.

I do have a theory though and that is as men become more effeminate they become less attractive to women and so they seek out real men but can't tell the difference between a real man and scum like this.

Finally though I find this is a self solving issue. These pair will keep themselves busy and keep both away from decent people. Then he will kill her and end up in prison. Problem solved and nobody will care.

JuliaM said...

"I bet she takes him back..."

*sighs* I won't take that bet...

"Canvey? What do you expect? "

Good point!

"He's only violent to the daft bitch who let him into her life..."

Except that's almost never true.

"What is it with women's self esteem so that they hang on to men like this?"

It seems ageless.