Monday, 23 March 2009

"What Do You Mean, We Need 'Proof'...?"

Charges of illegal hunting against three members of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds have been dropped, a decision described by the Countryside Alliance as further evidence that the ban has failed.
It seems the bunnyhuggers are getting out of their tree because the law states that you need to prove that someone is doing something illegal. And they weren't planning on having to account for that...

Strangely, standing there pointing at your arch enemies and saying 'Arrest them, officers, they're icky and we hates 'em!' doesn't fly in this country, despite the best that NuLab has done to it.

And if you are expecting the CPS to do some work for a change, well, forget that!
The CPS said yesterday that in the light of a High Court ruling in February, that it was for the prosecution to prove a hunt was not carrying out exempt hunting, it would drop the case.
Oh, deer dear. Sucks to be you, League Against Cruel Sports.


Von Spreuth said...

The CPS said yesterday that in the light of a High Court ruling in February, that it was for the prosecution to prove a hunt was not carrying out exempt hunting, it would drop the case.

Hold on a minute.

SURELY that should be, "It is for the prosecution to prove a hunt was carrying out exempt hunting"?

Or do I need more coffe before reading?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

JuliaM said...

I think 'exempt hunting' is the hunting that ISN'T against the ban (i.e. flushing with dogs for waiting guns or birds of prey). So that would be correct - the prosecurtions needs to prove they are doing something other than that.

But then it could just be a bad case of 'Telegraph' penmanship.. ;)

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Partial to the trowel style and adornment of canvas with thick paint, I like this Van Gaffe very much.

Von Spreuth. said...

This is called STALKING arse hole.

Julia be arned about this prick. He has followed me all over the internet under THIS name, Possibly "Pete Marshall" and as "anonymous".

He has already ensured it is useless for me to write on Gadget (Watch gsdget as well, any complaints are passed STRAIGHT to this "Grey" arsehole.) and on Night Jacks site.

Now it looks like he is starting on YOUR site.

Just to let you know before hand.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Anonymous said...

Julia, I am a little confused. Most of us are constrained by the rules of civilised dialogue. Is this crude fellow talking about someone specific on the hunt or is he complaining about the Telegraph? It seems incredible that anyone could give rise to more offence than what can be seen in his own contribution.

JuliaM said...

Yes, I thought I recognised the name from the police sites...

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Dear J,

You have approved Van Spreuth's earlier obscene commentsaland will in consequence, permit an honourable response. Let me begin by stating that any self respecting authoress would have wiped his obscenities and calumny in an instant. Prior to your own endorsement of his comments, I gave you the benefit of being unaware of them.

Von Spreuth abuses and bullies Brits here. He projects himself as a police mentor with wild portrayals of heroic service. He abets our young police to acts of extreme violence against the public. In truth, the sum total of his UK police service turns out to be less than two years as a probationary at Merseyside where he was never signed him off as competent. He therefore 'quit' the service. Since that time and in a foreign tongue, he has denounced Britain, calling us 'Inselaffen und dick' (thick apes on a small island). He announces that Deutschland will rise and command in Europe again, wishing Britain into its dust and rallying his new Countrymen to that cause.

He unhesitatingly labels patriots daring to disagree with him from either side, 'imbiciles'. His misspelling can be found in no less than two hundred separate instances of identical rages together with his customary menaces and abuse in both languages. His view is that anyone on state benefits is a scrounger. On the other hand, Van Spreuth enjoys a Federal benefits allowance of 40% incapacity benefit in comfortable hypocrisy. He preserves his income by attending obligatory job interviews on crutches.

These small extracts are safely based upon what Van Spreuth boasts himself in both languages. I deny no man his views; yet to sully us in a foreign tongue and mask the same when writing in English, is a burden for conscience when we do not respond to it as true Englishmen.

JuliaM said...

Dr Melvin, see my reply to this comment that you've copied to my latest blogpost.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Let us share self rebuke in equal measures. Mine for off topic intervention and yours for belated intervention.

Anonymous said...

Von sprout was warned by one of the administrators on a forum he was causing problems with the amount of complaints raised by his comments on religions and his use of slang for other races,the stalking he talks of is in his own mind he leaves a trail of sites he's banned from which a simple search performed by googling his username can be carried out by any one.If hes been banned its by the amount of complaints his views arouse not by te actions of one man