Friday, 8 February 2013

Well, Maybe You Ought To Make It 'Two Rules'..?

A property manager has been given an all night curfew and told to wear an electronic tag after a drunken row with door staff at an exclusive Mayfair club during which he kicked a bouncer, smashed windows and racially abused staff.
Whoops! Naughty boy!

Oh, wait! They seem to like that here:
The Home House club, which stretches over three Georgian town houses, is in one of London's most expensive postcodes W1.
A description on the venue's website claims it is 'London's most exclusive private members’ club'.
It also says: 'For members, the best bit is probably that there are no stuffy rules - in fact there really aren't any rules at all. Well, just one: "Nudity is discouraged". Naughtiness, on the other hand, is de rigueur.'
But clearly, racial abuse is beyond the pale (can I say that? Oh, well...).

I don't know, exclusive clubs, eh? Who'd think they'd let in skinheads or...

Oh. Wait.
Doormen asked Shahin Hashemi-Haeri, 45, to leave the Home House club in Portman Square at around 2am in October last year for being too drunk, a court heard today. But he refused to leave the £1,840-a-year members' club, which has been visited by celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Noel Gallagher and Myleene Klass, shouting 'I'm not leaving you black motherf*****'.


PJH said...

"...racial abuse is beyond the pale (can I say that? Oh, well...)."

Yes, you can.

Fahrenheit211 said...

OH look its another gobby, violent and racist bearded savage.

JuliaM said...

"Yes, you can."

Whew! ;)

"OH look its another gobby, violent and racist bearded savage."

We aren't short of them, it seems...