Friday 3 May 2013

It’s Not Just At A Bar In Boston, Then..?

She described Zafer Eren as a “big player” in a gang based in Tottenham, adding: “Everyone knows his name.”
Oh, I'll just bet...
Today, Israfil Erbil, 40, chairman of the Alevi Cultural Centre, said the Turkish community was now on high alert…
He said: “We will be speaking to Zafer Eren’s family. We will try and sort it out in our cultural way because otherwise this won’t be finished, and if it gets out of control there could be killings of many more people on each side.
“The violence would never end as every side has hundreds of relatives or people they know.”
Splendid! What could go wrong, with every little clique settling things in their 'cultural way' on London's streets, eh?
He added: “If these sort of gang related activities are going on in north London, no one is safe. These gang members are the kind of people that even if they are driving in a car and argue with someone in traffic they could just come out and kill them. They are guys who feel no respect for anyone, not civilians and not the police.“
He added: “The community should try and stop this however they can. We can’t just leave it to the police or courts.“
Well, thanks, but I'm assuming your 'community' isn't as well equipped (or armed) as the police to deal with this. Am I wrong?


rbbarnet said...

I see that the Police thinkthat the murder an old Asian man in Birminghammight be racial. It might be and if it is they should admit but a group of Asian brummies have just been convicted of a plot to blow up an EDL march but that isn't. this is not just double stnadards it is cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit what the police think these days? Everyone seems to be stripped of their dignity to some effect.

Just been reading the cack of Katy Bourne promoting tracking devices for the dementia/elderly people.

These devices have been around for a number of years, before mobiles were affordable, and these people are self promoting to seem like they came up with the idea or something! Bloody joke!

When someone can be bothered to think of something that is a brand new idea that genuinely benefits
the public, THEN I will show respect. Trying to trump up something for self promotion is a big no-no with me.

Human rights, justice, upholding law and order are not to be mixed with self servers. Especially political candidates and greedy, spineless individuals.


Trevor said...

We will try and sort it out in our cultural way...

Would it be too cynical of me to suggest that this might not involve representatives of the opposing factions sharing a picnic at Glyndebourne?

Anonymous said...


I feel culturally enriched as a result!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it kicks off in Islington then.

Kevin said...

How thrillingly vibrant!