Wednesday, 9 October 2013

You Don’t Say..?

A schizophrenic who is believed to have stabbed his father to death before killing himself should not have been allowed out from a mental health unit.
Well, really? Gosh! That's so unexpected, it almost never happens...

The inquest, held at Southend Court, heard that Emet – who had been supervised for mental health problems since 1999 and detained in 2005 – tried to smuggle a knife into the ward after a period of leave, just three months before his death, saying he wanted to attack another patient.
Yet just one week later,a risk assessment form into granting him another period of leave didn’t flag up the incident.
The trust also didn’t have an address for where Emet would be staying on leave, despite him only being allowed out if he was staying with his father in Seldon Close.
Stephen Simblet, representing the Makar family, said during the inquest: “Nobody seemed to take responsibility for Emet on leave, there was nothing on the risk assessments to say there had been any previous incidents.”
Responsibility is for other people. Never the State's employees.
But because the vehicle and drug offences listed on the indictment were minor, there was no plan put in place to monitor Mr Simelane after he left prison, according to senior police officers.
Detective Sergeant Harry May, senior investigating officer, said: “Because he was released from serving for minor offences, he was released unconditionally and there was no supervision and probation involvement.”
During his time in prison in 2012, warning “markers” about potential mental health issues were put on his police national computer file for suicide and self-harming, and following the incident with his mother, violence and weapons.
Superintendent Richard Baker, who initially led the murder investigation, said “a number of reviews” were now going on to determine what, if anything, could have been done to intervene in Mr Simelane's case before he carried out his deadly attack.
I think we can all predict the inevitable outcome, can't we?

Still, at least we're spared the nauseating spectacle of the left-wing press proclaiming the real victim to be the killer, who even deserves the respect of a first name:

Unlike the victim...


Ian Hills said...

Forget mental hospitals, give them hard labour for assault and the rope for murder. Expert witnesses (such as psychiatrists) are just whores after all, and will say anything if the money's right.

Anonymous said...

Until we can fire state functionariesfor incompetence, claw back their pensions and sling the most incompetent in jail, nothing will change.

JuliaM said...

"Expert witnesses (such as psychiatrists) are just whores after all, and will say anything if the money's right."

As anon below points out, even more so when they know they face no consequences..