Friday, 14 July 2017

At Least She Didn’t Put Her On The Liverpool Care Pathway…

An NHS hospital manager assaulted her disabled neighbour in a foul-mouthed spat over the noise she was making while walking up the stairs, a court heard.
Jamie Peterson, 39, flew into a rage when she heard management consultant Sarah Kinsella enter their shared building in Hornton Street, Kensington.
She dashed from her flat with her trusted pet dog, a Dachshund called Herman, to confront Ms Kinsella, angry that she was using a trolley to take heavy shopping up to her first floor home.
Peterson accused her neighbour of being “f***ing fat and lazy” for using the trolley, despite knowing Ms Kinsella was unable to lift heavy objects because of a hip disability.
Peterson said “don’t be so loud”, referred to her neighbour as “it” rather than “she”, then shoved the trolley into Ms Kinsella as she climbed the stairs.
Charming! No wonder the staff are brutal and callous, if that's the kind of 'leadership' they see every day...
Peterson, who has held senior posts at Barts and The London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trusts, denied attacking her neighbour but was found guilty by magistrates following a short trial.
Her lawyer, Hesham Puri, said the conviction means she faces losing her current job and being evicted from the Kensington flat.
I bet it doesn't.
She was given a two-year conditional discharge by magistrates, who ordered her to pay £620 in court costs.
Given the salary she no doubt gets, that's, what, a couple of hours work?


Eric said...

That's it. That is what all the little Maolings being produced on American campuses these days are for. They are the warm, insane bodies the Democrat party will need to staff the collectivist health care system they keep promising.

Who better to work in an NHS style system than Angry Studies majors?

MTG said...

'I bet it doesn't.' It should.

DJ said...

Yep, 'faces losing her current job'...but don't bet on it, plus even if she does it'll be a public sector firing whereby you get ditched by Brighton Hospital and immediately get hired by Hove General.

Sobers said...

Ah but the NHS staff are all angels in human form doncha know? They all deserve massive pay rises just for deigning to continuing to do exactly the same job as they are now. No mere member of the public could approach their purity of thought and deed. In fact I'm surprised the court didn't fine the so called 'victim' here and send her away with a ringing condemnation for having the temerity to disturb one of the society's secular saints.

The Jannie said...

But that's not the whole story:what's her house worth?

Pcar said...

Jamie Peterson looks like an evil manipulative bitch who uses her, at first glance, attractiveness to conceal her true persona.

Breed & colouring of her dog also reveals her true persona.

Magistrates fell for her act.

NHS is a haven (safe-space?) for this type of manipulative backstabber, as is all public sector.

Germanic origins?

The Jannie said...

I hadn't read the whole article but now the attack dachsund seems set fair to be a feature of sink estates countrywide.