Monday, 17 July 2017

Here's To The Good People Of Ashby-De-La-Zouch!

And a reminder that when the police whinge that the public don't help them, it's because the lazy bastards will arrest you if you attempt it:
Facebook user Roy Alan wrote: 'You'll forgive me of course if I feel absolutely no pity for this robbing criminal. He is a product of his own making.. There's a lesson to be learned here... don't go out robbing... it's pretty simple.'
Alison Parish wrote on Facebook: 'Feel sorry for the guy doing the citizen arrest on him now.'
Locals have have spoken of their shock - and of their sympathy with the arrested man.
Karen Hughes, 47, said: 'It's sad someone has died, but if he hadn't been trying to rob the shop in the first place he'd still be alive today.
'The lad who restrained him clearly shouldn't be punished. He'll be going through hell now, when all he was trying to do was defend his community.'
Alan Hill, 65, said: 'The chap they've arrested should be released without charge. In my opinion he should be given a medal.
'Apparently the men trying to rob the shop had armed themselves golf clubs and baseball bats, it must have taken real bravery to challenge them.'
James Atkins, 37, said: 'Obviously you don't want people to die, especially when they're young, but it's hard to have much sympathy in this case.
'Hopefully they just arrested the other man as a precaution in all the confusion and he'll find out quickly no further action will be taken against him. I think a lot of people around here will see him as a hero.'
The thieving scum's scummy friends are boo-hooing all over social media, as these types often do.

They have organised a crowdfund for him, but I just can't see any possible way I can piss into this router...
Alex Williams, who is the the mother of Bryant's son, wrote that she was 'absolutely heartbroken' over his death, and the thought that their son no longer has a father.
Hint, love: He never had much of one when the thieving scum was alive.
A crowdfunding page has been set up for Shane by friend Serina Larvin who wrote on the site: 'As you all no a much loved friend of our community got taken away in unexpected circumstances.... 'He left behind two small children and a absolutely heartbroken family.... i thought it would be nice to raise some money to give to his children and help support the family in any way possible..... 'Any little donation im sure would be much appreciated..... just a little something to show our love and support.'
Remember when people were ashamed to be known as friends with scum? I do.


Timbotoo said...

The thing that jumped out at me first was that it took the police 30 minutes to arrive. From the photo of the Dindu, I was imagining what the guy who intervened must look like.

Lord T said...

Is there a crowdfunding page for the poor guy that was arrested doing his civic duty.

Plod don't need to automatically arrest anyone unless they are a flight risk. They do it because they are told to by those at the top. Having been arrested puts a mark on their record so people should only be arrested when they are expected to be prosecuted.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Might be better, in this case, to await the post mortem before getting too worked up. Can you imagine the community vexation if the Police hadn't arrested the 'have a go' ? Pretty sure the peelers are duty bound to arrest if there has been a death...they take that kind of thing rather seriously, almost as seriously as an accusation of historic CSA.

From the sparse details in the press I'm guessing the robber died from asphyxiation (chest compression) whilst being restrained by several members of the public for a prelonged period. If he was on drugs or 'roids then the more likely his death was 'misadventure' or what lawyers call 'tough shit'. But that's just a guess.

The police are no doubt just keeping their powder dry and waiting for the facts.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

@Lord T:" that was arrested doing his civic duty."

Actually his civic duty would have been to pull out his phone and take a picture/video of the scumbags making their get-away then dial 112 (?). A Citizen's Arrest for anything less than a clear and present threat to Life and Limb is -although legal- a bad idea, for all concerned and for all the reasons this story shows.

The police spend a long term learning how to restrain so the criminal doesn't suffer any unnecessary damage, the least possible harm, and still every few months we get a headline where even wearing 4 layers of kid gloves they, the police, managed to kill or maim someone during a restraint.

Anonymous said...

^^Methinks the supernatural being above is more Troll than Dwarf.

Men won't fiddle with their 'phones and tablets; fit specimens will snap into a physical reaction when prevailing circumstances dictate that to be most appropriate response. Unfortunately, these are also the circumstances when Mr F*ckingUseless Plod gets his bonus. Right, WC Jaded?

Anonymous said...

Early reaction from the self-proclaimed policing expert. Do you really think we get an arrest bonus Melvin? Or is that one of your lies repeated enough times it becomes the truth in your delusional mind?
I'm sure that if you had caught the Huddersfield lawnmower thief you would have smashed him around the head with your thesaurus.
You lot obviously witnessed this incident so come forward and give a statement,including you Julia.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Shane nobody deserves to go so young

MTG said...

"Remember when people were ashamed to be known as friends with scum? I do."

They are such notorious liars, you can never be sure that new friends are not plod, JuliaM.

staybryte said...

Anon @ 18:52. Get lost. Kids who die of cancer don't deserve to "go so young." This career criminal? No loss.

Anonymous said...

I suppose they had to arrest him because he allegedly killed someone. It's up to him to prove he used reasonable force. The law allows
you to kill someone in self defence if you believe your life to be in danger. Otherwise it tends to take a dim view. Having said that I have no sympathy for the robber.

The Cowboy Online said...

"R.I.P Shane nobody deserves to go so young" Really, on Julia's page? Words fail me.

So anyway, there's a fundraiser but where do I go to add my flowers to the chav shrine?

Furor Teutonicus said...

And YWS, you GUESSED it, another sun tanned scum bag robbing shops! WHY am I not surprised?

Northish said...

Good to see the Leicestershire Yeomanry can still be relied upon.
I'm all in favour of the just giving collection for his family, just as long as their benefits are adjusted accordingly.

Longrider said...

It's up to him to prove he used reasonable force.

No it isn't. It is up to the prosecution to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that he did not use reasonable force. We use common law principles in this country, not Napoleonic ones.

Anonymous said...

You got many friends Melvin (fellow inmates at the loony bin do not count)?

MTG said...

You get distraught with 'lightening' speed, WC. My inference that all police were scum was meant in the nicest sense of the word.