Monday, 12 March 2018

"Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer..."

Rossendale police said they responded to the ‘disturbing incident’ in the Dunnockshaw area at the top of Limey Valley, and found the animals had been ‘skinned’, with their antlers sawn off and also had the carcasses ‘butchered’ for meat.
Oh noes!
PCSO Chris Hamer said: “It is despicable that people are going about killing deer and are just discarding the remains and even the fawns.
“We think they are roe deer and female doe deer...”.
Which don't have antlers to saw off. And 'female' is irrelevant in that sentence.


The Cowboy Online said...

Stop being so transphobic with your reinforcing of a cis-heteronormative view of genders. Perhaps the writer is allowing for the fact that the deer could be a buck identifying as a doe.

Ed P said...

Perhaps Hamer is a new-speak spelling of moron?