Saturday, 10 March 2018

Well, I Think The Answer Might Be Written Down Somewhere, Kathleen...

Weekly, I have to feed six to seven people three meals a day. I do it on about £50 a week, sometimes £65, sometimes less than £30. It all depends what I have left in the bank after I have paid everything I need to pay.
Oh, you poor thing!
The only thing stopping me from cooking wonderful meals packed full of vegetables and healthy things is cost. I can cook, so can all of my children. I can’t afford to cook as I wish to do.
*stifles a tear*
Stuff I know will be eaten. Risk-free food I know won’t end up in the bin. When I have just £2 in my pocket, it’s not the time to experiment and find out whether my 13-year-old would appreciate a quinoa-and-aubergine bake.
Errr, hang on. If you're 'in poverty', you eat what you can get, don't you? Because you're hungry....

No, no. Mustn't let doubt creep in! Pray, continue...
It’s not a class problem. It’s a financial problem. We all want the best for our children. We just need to be able to afford to put the building blocks in place.
And what cruel capitalist corporation is paying you poverty wages, Kathleen? What unfeeling big business is preventing you from keeping body & soul together by not paying you what you're worth?
Kathleen Kerridge is an author of LGBT fantasy fiction
Ah. I guess that doesn't pay as well as you hoped? I don't suppose you've considered getting a proper job? No?

Didn't think so.


jack ketch said...

find out whether my 13-year-old would appreciate a quinoa-and-aubergine bake.

Only if you want to risk them ringing the Child Abuse Hotline after.

Joking aside, my heart goes out to poor Kathleen. Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL if we as a rich nation and society could come up with a system where poor people could be given FREE food? We could call it 'Food Banks'. The public could donate items at every supermarket in the land. No child would need go to bed hungry.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. My word. How sad.

Time to break out the nano-violin?

John M said...

Instead of personally flagellating herself in public, perhaps she would learn a bit more on how to survive on a budget by reading Jack Monroe's book. She fed her kids on far, far less than that.

But then wailing, personal flagellation seems to be the modus at The Guardian at the moment, and better still if you can check the box marked LGBT...

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Who are these 6-7 people a week she needs to feed?