Tuesday, 13 March 2018

It Doesn't Say Much For The Quality Of Brighton University Students...

Brighton University student Arjunbir Soin, 21, said there were five bombs in the city shopping centre in a bid to force staff to close it.
Soin pleaded guilty to five charges of making hoax calls at Brighton Magistrates Court yesterday.
The engineering student has now been told he could be sent to prison.
Only 'could'..?!
Prosecutor Martina Sherlock told the court Soin initially denied making the calls before he was played three recordings of them.
She told the court: “He told officers he was behind with university work and wanted the day off work.
“He didn’t know how to ask for a day off.
“So he thought let’s do this and see what happens.
“He said he was sorry and not a terrorist, and did not want to hurt anyone.”
Are the procedures for requesting a day off not clear at Apple Stores? Do they let the techies write them then, rather than the HR department?
Sarah Smith, defending, said Soin was “an absolute idiot”.
“It was not sophisticated and he used his own phone.”
This is the calibre of engineering student we are churning out now?


Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Is this the calibre of immigrant we're now importing?

Anonymous said...

This is the calibre of engineering student we are churning out now?

Unfortunately yes.

Ever since the Tone came out with his 'edukasun', 'edukasun', 'edukasun' mantra, education in all STEM subjects has taken a nose dive. So much so that I doubt that the universities have the qualified staff to teach any of those subjects to the standards required in industry.


Anonymous said...

What a triumph for socialist Education that intellectual elitism has been dealt such a crippling blow.

Anonymous said...

Careful. Judging by the poor chap's name, he'll be Mayor of Londonistan within the next 20 years, and then he'll have you.