Sunday, 11 March 2018

'Star Trek:The Triggering'

*chuckles* The angst in the comments has to be seen to be believed...

You mean, some people just want to watch a show without twisting it to fit their political outlook? How quaint!

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Anonymous said...

The original Star Trek, way back in the 60's, was billed as "Wagon Train (remember that?) in space". It was novel for a while but then became childish. In those cold war days, the villains (Klingons) were obviously oriental or eastern european looking. TNG ended this, but brought in the new enemy, the Borg who, like the current religion of peace, aims to assimilate you, with the only other option open to you is death, usually at your own hand, though this is where it differs from the assimilaters surrounding us today who are quite happy to do that job for us.
I understand that some people have started referring to mosque users as the Borg to avoid accusations of islamaphobia.