Tuesday, 17 April 2018

It's Not Just The Probation Service, Is It..?

Mrs Scott's family believe that the probation service has "blood on its hands" and did not act despite Mrs Scott highlighting Mellors concerning behaviour on a number of occasions.
They said the probation service was warned after he stalked the mum-of-six outside her Nursery Road home and at her new workplace, Lidl in Arnold, after their relationship ended just after Christmas.
Maybe it would have been a good idea for Mrs Scott not to start a relationship with a man just out of prison for beating and strangling his partner to death while her two young daughters slept next door..?


DJ said...

Modern feminism in a nutshell: they talk about their umanrite to walk a tightrope in a high wind, but what they actually mean is they want the right to force everyone else to stand underneath them with a safety net.

jack ketch said...

I can't find a 'she reported his stalking her to the Police'?

Question for our resident Grammaresbians (from the account in the paper):" but the Government body would not respond and put anyone forward for interview." surely it said be ' neither respond nor put' ?