Thursday, 18 April 2019

Who Exactly Are The Retards Here?

Children at a special school have been accused of making derogatory comments about gender, race and sexual orientation – and teachers are not taking action.
The report stated adults often ignore the language, seeing it as part of the “overall special education needs”.
Ofsted said many pupils had “additional special educational needs” including autism, ADHD and communication difficulties, with 17 of the 97 pupils boarding at the school.
I suspect the teachers have enough trouble teaching them to read, write and keep their hands to themselves, without policing them for wrongthink.
The report read: “A small core of pupils direct highly derogatory language at staff and peers.
“There is little distinction in school policies and practice about the type of derogatory language used.
“Adults too readily accept that all derogatory language is part of pupils’ overall special educational needs and is perceived as ‘swearing’.
“Some pupils spoken with stated that adults ask them to stop and they know they should not swear, while others continue to make derogatory comments about gender, race and sexual orientation that goes unchecked.”
At this point, you begin to wonder if the Ofsted inspectors come straight from special schools...


Feral said...

Good manners are the job of the parents. All children should be taught right from wrong at the very beginning. There's no excuse. This includes special needs children. I know it is bloody hard work educating special needs kids but it can be successful if done properly.

JuliaM said...

"Good manners are the job of the parents."

That's how it used to be.