Friday, 12 April 2019

Yes, They Will Tell You This...

...and they are lying, the lazy bastards:
Mr McGourty, a specialist lorry driver, said he was confronted by the dog's owner and their friends after the attack.
"They told me if I went to the police about it, 'it would end badly' for me," he added.
"They don't even know me. I went to police about it and I haven't heard much since. I was told there's not much that can be done for dog-on-dog attacks."
Presumably there's also 'not much that can be done' for threatening behaviour?

Of course, now there's potentially bad publicity, the police are in 'No, no, of course we'll do something!' mode.
Police have said they are investigating the incident and are asking for anyone with information to contact them.
The 'something to be done' is....well, claiming to be investigating.


Anonymous said...

W C Yokel: "What's've been burgled again, Mrs Smith?"

W C Yokel: "Sarge, this scrote wot as bin burgled twice this week is moanin now!"

Sergeant: "First few times they alus do, lass. Now get off yer arse and go for them pies."

Fahrenheit211 said...

This example of the behaviour of lazy police officers is exactly why so many ordinary, decent and law abiding Britons, increasingly hold the police in contempt. I can only imagine that this force would be turning out with all blues and twos blazing should they be presented with an example of online wrongthink such as someone saying 'Islam isn't a religion of peace' or 'women don't have penises'.

Anonymous said...

Melvin I would advise you get one of your carers to proof-read your posts on here. You clearly think they are hilarious........but to be honest they are a little sad.

Anonymous said...

'Spot The Missing Plod Word':

Hmmm, I think it's 'to'...

constable jagged. said...

Spot the Missing Words and Punctuation...

My money is on a double 'that' and two commas or 'to' and 'that' and 'too' commas.

Anonymous said...

Playing the man and not the ball Melvin. Just because you are more intelligent than me doesn't stop you being an insufferable bore.

JuliaM said...

"...exactly why so many ordinary, decent and law abiding Britons, increasingly hold the police in contempt."

Yup! It used to be the underclass & criminals - now most law-abiding people regard them as they do sewage workers. Vital, but you don't want to socialise with them.

"Just because you are more intelligent than me ..."

Hmmm, I wouldn't sell yourself short. You at least know when to give up... ;)