Friday, 20 September 2019

And A Greedy PR Manager Bagged Himself A Free Advert...

A greedy seagull bagged itself a free meal after spying an unattended pile of breakfast food outside a cafe.
The scavenger seized the opportunity with both wings, jumping onto an outdoor table and guzzling down the remains of the unfinished meal.
'Bird eats unattended food' is now a headline? Really? Have local newspapers sunk so low?

Well....not quite!
This follows revelations from Irish bookmakers Paddy Power that Brighton and Worthing are some of the favourite places to announce a seagull cull.
Odds on the cull have tumbled recently with Brighton sitting as fourth favourites at 10/1 while Worthing are deemed the second most likely to introduce it with odds of 8/1.
The betting company’s owner, Paddy Power, said: “There are a lot of things in the news to be frightened of at the moment – from Trump offering to fire nukes at hurricanes, to seagulls taking over Britain.
“We believe it’s a matter of time until towns announce that they are having a seagull cull of their own – though our odds of nationwide cuts have fallen yet again.”
Nicely played, PR wonk, nicely played...

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