Thursday, 12 September 2019

Brighton & Hove Streets Are Not Paved With Gold...

But with something a little more unsavory:
In June, Brighton and Hove City Council expanded its fining scheme which was previously reserved for litter-bugs, graffiti and dog mess.
It announced that human defecation, spitting and urinating would be punished too under its fines for “extreme antisocial behaviour”.
The move came after a rise in complaints to the council about these types of deeply offensive activities.
Well, it's now September. How's it gone?
But, two months on, no one has received a fine, a council spokeswoman confirmed.

Seems to be a theme developing here:
Brighton and Hove City Council brought in “public space protection orders” (PSPO) in 2017.
The powers were billed as effective tools to tackle antisocial activities including people living in vehicles and tents in the city’s public spaces.
The council promised that, on request by an authorised officer, police officer or police community support officer, anyone challenged would need to remove any vehicle, caravan or tent within 12 hours.
Yeah. You guessed. They lied.
Now the council has said the order can only “ask” people to move the tents.
Pity the Advertising Standards Authority can't get involved. It could bankrupt every useless council in the country.


Anonymous said...

I think the rules only apply if you don't have an Irish accent, no permanent address in the UK (but one in Ireland), and you don't invite 50 odd of your friends with their 4 x4's, caravans, and quad bikes.
Now waiting for groups in white robes to appear, cutting the throats of sheep, goats, and lambs, while muttering nonsense, so they can have a mass barbecue before kneeling, facing east, and praying. I bet they won't get asked to leave either.

Rob said...

Funny how the ultra-‘Progressive’ places like San Francisco and Brighton have huge problems with people shitting in the street.