Saturday, 5 March 2011

Essex Grrrls Go Wild!

Carley Fletcher, 30, of Queen Elizabeth Way, Colchester, admitted biting Abdul Razak at the Big Man’s Fish ’n’ Grill, in High Street, Colchester.
Her pal Shanice Baker, 22, of Minerva End, Colchester, admitted using threatening, abusive and insulting words during the drunken scuffle.
Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard the women refused to pay for food and attacked Mr Razak when he told them to give the food back.
Carley and Shanice. Sometimes, you know just what you are going to read, don't you?
The pair have been banned from every pub, club and fast-food outlet in the town after the incident on January 13.
Crikey, they’ll probably go broke!

I can hear the sound of a WKD area salesman trying to slit his wrists with a beermat if I listen really hard…
Laura Austen, mitigating, said the pair had been friends for two years and both suffered with mental heath problems.
She added: “They readily accept they had been out drinking, there was a disturbance in this fish and chip shop and they are sorry for their involvement.
“Miss Baker had blood around her mouth as she was assaulted and took a full punch to the face.”
I rather doubt it spoiled her looks. It certainly didn’t knock any sense into her, I’m sure.

And for once, the judge was having none of this:
Ms Austen said Baker would be looking to make a complaint about the incident.
Judge Cooper said: “Trying to turn themselves into victims after their behaviour does not cheer me up.”
No, me neither.

But a judge pointing this out? That does…


Ian B said...

Whenever I read these types of stories, I'm always reminded of a friend who lives in a, er, proletarian area. One of the cafes is generally known as "the baby shaking cafe" after an altercation in which one young lady grabbed another's toddler from its pushchair, ran into the street and held it out into the road, threatening to throw it under a bus, until subdued by sundry menfolk.

Ah, the gentle sex...

Captain Haddock said...

"Carley Fletcher". ..

Bloody good job her surname wasn't "Float" ..

Or the "tramp-stamp" tattoo on her arse would probably have read .. "Board of Trade" ..

Ranter said...

The Fat Slags come to mind. I've never been to Colchester and if The Big man's Fish and Grill,Carly, Shanice and Abdul are fairly typical, which I suspect they are, I don't ever want to. I feel sorry for Abdul if he came to the Yoo-KAy to get a better life HA HA HA HA!

Clarissa said...

Carley and Shanice...

I'd say the blame lies with the parents... starting 30 and 22 years ago respectively.

JuliaM said...

"Ah, the gentle sex..."

I never understood how that became anyone's watchword.

Wasn't there a terrorism book once entitled 'Shoot The Women First', since that was the unofficial instructions given to the anti-terrorist force?

The reason being that the male terrorists (this was 60s and 70s) would often surrender when they knew the game was up, but the female terrorists would fight to the last drop of (someone else's) blood.

"The Fat Slags come to mind."


"I'd say the blame lies with the parents... starting 30 and 22 years ago respectively."

Almost certainly.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Wasn't there a terrorism book once entitled 'Shoot The Women First',

There was indeed it comes from the advice given to GS9 snipers during the hunt in the 70's for the Baader-Meinhoff gang, Red Brigades, Black September et al

Although the book actually tried to understand them and their motives