Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Utter Uselessness Of 'Stalking' Legislation...

...or maybe it's just the utter uselessness of our mental health legislation and system, I can't really tell:
Premier League star Rio Ferdinand may have to face a stalker again.

A court today granted Susanne Ibru, 38, leave to appeal against her conviction for harassment and a 10-year restraining order to stop her bothering the Manchester United player and his family.
Yes, it's this space cadet again, being pandered to some more by the legal system.
Ibru, of no fixed address, told Judge David Hale at Warrington crown court: "I want to appeal against everything, the conviction, the sentence, the restraining order."

She told the court: "I know Ferdinand and he knows me, and I hope he opens his mouth and says that this time." Judge Hale replied: "That doesn't mean you never harassed him, what matters is how you contacted him."
Yes, well, while you ponder the legal niceties, this woman is being assisted to make a man's life a misery, judge.
Ibru told the court Ferdinand's statement had been "changed" by police and that she did not believe he wanted her prosecuted.

She also said she had not had time to prepare her grounds for appeal after being released from her prison sentence two weeks ago.
I suspect she falls into the 'not legally insane' category, and so is free to roam at will, doing as she pleases. At least she's fixated on a victim with the resources to protect himself, though that's scant comfort for Ferdinand.
Ibru, who wants to be a sports agent, was living in Peckham when she made three 400-mile round trips to the star's home in Cheshire last year. She represented herself during her trial and cross-examined her victim.
And how is this not yet another extension of her stalking?
She was convicted of harassment in her absence after fleeing the court, having finished her questioning of Ferdinand with the words: "I'll see you soon, bye."

She later pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer who was sent to arrest her.
And so it rumbles on and on....

Why can we not find some way of containing people like this? Why are we seemingly uncaring about the ruin that they cause to people's lives? Does this case not shock people because they say 'Oh, he's well paid, he can afford the hassle'..?


AntiCitizenOne said...

Another Police triumph...


Mike said...

FFS what actualy happens when one gets 'harrased'. If your hristian and someone pokes fun at 'your' religion do you get the plague?!? NO, grow up. Wayne Rooooooney your a MR Potato Head and if your not you should be, show me the money ;)

Mike said...

btw, that was Christian with a small c

Mike said...

what about Wiener in Ney York with his increadible magnified penis, sorry crotch area on Twatter, LMFAO

English Viking said...


You need to lay off the LSD mate.

PS You can't have a small 'c' in Christian, it's a proper noun whichever way you look at it. You also can't start it with an 'h', either.

JuliaM said...

"Another Police triumph..."

Hmm, woman gets involved with know drug dealer and nutcase, has child by him, turns to justice system when it all goes horribly wrong (quelle surprise!).

I'm not seeing much to blame the police for here!