Saturday, 7 June 2014

I Guess Village People Won’t Be Reforming, Then..?

Pharrell Williams has apologised for posing in a feather headdress for the latest edition of Elle UK.
The Happy singer triggered a #NotHappy Twitter campaign after it emerged that he was wearing a Native American war bonnet on the magazine's July cover.
Williams does allegedly have some Native American ancestry. This "doesn't matter", argued the Indian Country Today Media Network.
Of course it doesn’t. It never does when the identity politics crowd go on the warpath…

Whoops! Maybe that wasn’t the right term? *evil grin*
As stars including Kesha, Outkast and Harry Styles have now hopefully learned, the headdress is not simply a quirky hat.
I think, actually, all they’ve learned (I certainly have!) is that some identity groups are pretty well-balanced, having massive chips on both shoulders…

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