Tuesday 24 June 2014

I Guess We Aren't Making RAF Pilots To The Same Standard Anymore...

RAF pilot Steve Tindall was taking a break from a cycle ride close to the seafront when the attack took place.
He said it was the most distressing incident he had ever seen, despite serving in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones.
Mr Tindall said: “It was honestly one of the most hideous and distressing things I have ever seen and I’ve served in two Gulf wars and Afghanistan.
Blimey, RAF pilots seem to be cut from the same cloth as Navy sailors these days..
“It was just so brutal, unnecessary and unexpected at a time when everyone should be out enjoying themselves. The beach in Whitstable is a beautiful and pleasant scene.
“I wanted to go after him but I was speaking to the police for so long that the three of them just vanished
“You could tell he was someone in a flaming rage and he showed absolutely no concern whatsoever.
The policeman I spoke to said he wished he could be locked up.”
Maybe if that policeman hadn't spent so bloody long talking to you, he could have been!
Mr Tindall said he walked the devastated owner home following the incident and has kept in touch while he comes to terms with his dog’s death. He added: “I walked him home and last Sunday we decided to take our dogs out together, but he is worried about the reprisals if he does say something.
“He’s also scared about returning to the beach.”
Who the hell is this ghastly individual? THe police certainly seem to know:
Police spokesman Sally Smith confirmed a 48-year-old man from Hollingbourne had been interviewed in connection with the incident.
But no arrest? Hmmm. One to watch.


wiggiatlarge said...

The story is a strange one and not, Greyhounds should in public places be on lead and muzzled, many (responsible owners)are.
They are sight hounds breed to chase and kill their prey and are almost impossible to stop once they are released.
If the man and small dogs were attacked he is in a difficult position, not easy hanging on to two dogs(if he was) and defend yourself as well, what appeared to have happened is that a boot up the backside, his only option was followed through to a gruesome end, difficult to believe no one saw what really happened ?

MTG said...

A sane, detached conclusion is impracticable when limited knowledge yields more questions than answers.

However, kicking an animal to death, as it cowers behind its owner will take as much justification as the inaction of bystanders.
Any sympathy, Lynne?

JuliaM said...

"The story is a strange one and not, Greyhounds should in public places be on lead and muzzled..."

Surely it depends on the individual animal?