Thursday, 20 August 2015

Judge Clayson Knows Who The Real Victim Is…

Mrs Pilkington had asked for a restraining order to be imposed against her daughter, but Judge Timothy Clayson said that this was not appropriate.
Judge Clayson said: "You have not had an easy life so far, but now you are 20 what happens in the future is really in your hands.
"This is all very unfortunate and you have shown that you understand how wrong it was to take the credit card and the money, it was unpleasant.
"But I don't think you are essentially a bad person at all, what I think what you need is some support and encouragement and some help to make sure that your adult life is successful and happy."
So, what did this poor unfortunate soul do to wind up in the dock?
The relationship between Sandra Pilkington and her mother Naomi had broken down and she had been asked to leave the family home in January, Bolton Crown Court was told.
The court was told that 20-year-old Pilkington continued to harass her mother, until the pair met up for a couple of hours on February 19.
At some point during the evening, she took her mother's debit card, and the following morning used the correct PIN code and withdrew £180 from the account. This was discovered by her mother when she came to check her bank balance, when she was checking to see whether she had been paid while on her way to work at about 3.30am.
When Mrs Pilkington was on her way to work on March 20, again at about 3.30am, she opened her front door to be "confronted" by her daughter.
She tried to close the door on her daughter, but was unsuccessful and she forced her way in, the court heard.
The court was told that she pushed her mother onto her back, and took her purse from her pocket, as well as a debit card. However Pilkington was unable to withdraw any more money, because the PIN number had been changed.

Still, no comebacks on Judge Clayson if the next time she calls on mummy, she stabs her, I suppose?


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Sounds like the judge needs a restraining order against making crap decisions.

Anonymous said...


How about giving the young lady a 'getting a job and stop leaching of your mother order'? It might be a revolutionary concept for the judge.

JuliaM said...

"How about giving the young lady a 'getting a job and stop leaching of your mother order'?"

She's 20! If dhe hasn't learned that now, she ain't gonna!