Sunday, 30 August 2015

*Sighs* Modern Journalism

The news that a Green politician had the nerve to be a - *gasp* - hunter rocked the MSM's world last week.

And prompted them on a predictable trawl through the guy's Facebook and a complete failure to read what he'd actually shot:

Errr, no. A gnu. Wildebeest, if you prefer.

Nope, still a gnu. 

This is what a buff looks like, dummies!

H/T: Stephen Brown, via email

NB: They aren't all that hot at English, either:

He's painting a what..?!?


TomJ said...

Call me bison or opaki and I'll sue!
Gnor am I in the least
like that dreadful hartebeest
Oh gno, gno gno...

Simon Jonathan Form said...

Isn't a 'Murial' what Hilda Ogden had on her living room wall?

JuliaM said...

"Isn't a 'Murial' what Hilda Ogden had on her living room wall?"

Indeed it was!