Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Don't Rush, Chaps, Eh?

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said: "Police received a report that a woman had been bitten by a dog at Highmead Park, Swansea, on Sunday morning (February 10).
"The victim required hospital treatment following the incident, and arrangements are being made for officers to visit her to obtain further details."
This was in the paper on Valentine's Day. Four days later.
"I was walking along the pavement and I could see a man throwing a ball playing with his dog which was a pit bull/staff cross which was off the lead.
"I approached a bin to put a poo bag inside when the dog ran towards us and pounced on Jess's back.
"I instantly let her lead go hoping she would run but sadly it was too late as the dog had locked his teeth onto the side of her neck. I've never heard a noise like it before. I was screaming for help," she said. The owner of the dog then walked towards the pair of them.
She added: "He walked over and pulled something out of his pocket, he then attempted to pull his dog off Jess.
"It seemed like an eternity before the owner managed to unlock the dog's jaws with a tool he got out of his pocket which highly resembled a “break stick”.
It's a fighting dog. And the scum is aware it's dangerous. You'd think that might prompt the police to quicken their actions somewhat, wouldn't you?

Even if only so they don't find themselves in a dicey situation one day.
"At that point I was kneeling on the grass holding Jess still to try and minimise the damage already done.
"As the dog released her I got up and realised it had her lead in its mouth dragging it, this was the point that it then bit me as I pulled it over her head. She said she thought her dog was going to be killed.
"I fell to the floor in shock, so I also have cuts and bruises on my knees to add to my injuries. I quickly got back up and ran home with Jess."
While the worthless cowardly scum beat a hasty retreat, of course.

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