Thursday, 21 March 2019

Maybe It's Because He's A ....Wait, A 'Londoner'?

A Londoner accused of leaving crack cocaine and cannabis in a Pinehurst shop claimed the drugs were not his...
Oh, sure, that old chestnut. he had robbed them from a dealer.
Oh. Well, that's different!
The 38-year-old Brit from Richmond-upon-Thames, who joked he was from Jamaica when asked his nationality by a court clerk, told JPs as he was marched from the dock: “12 weeks? That’s nothing. That’s a swim in the ocean.”
Perhaps that's what he should have been sentenced to...?
Randall declined the services of a duty solicitor, instead opting to represent himself.
And he did indeed have a fool for a client!
By admitting to the drugs and assault offences, Randall automatically activated an eight week suspended sentence given last November for a stalking offence.
He sounds quite a bit like this chap

H/T: wiggia via email

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