Saturday, 30 March 2019

Quote Of The Month

LegIron on why EggBoy is no hero:
"And yes, an egg is pretty harmless as a weapon of choice but consider the egg recipient’s point of view.
They don’t know it’s an egg. They feel something hit them, sometimes hard, and then they feel wet stickiness at the point of impact. Loonies are out shooting and stabbing people with a horrible regularity these days. If you felt a sudden impact followed by a wet, sticky feeling at the point of impact, what would your first thought be? That some arse has thrown an egg? Or that you might have been shot or stabbed?
Tell you what – if I felt an impact, then a wet stickiness spreading from that point, turned around and saw the assailant… I am not going to check if what I’m feeling is egg or blood. I am going for that assailant first. They might go for another wet sticky patch and if it’s not egg I might not survive it.
I am not going to check if he has a knife in either hand. No time for that. And I will do a damn sight more than slap him or punch him. At that point I have no choice but to assume it’s him or me."

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