Monday, 25 May 2020

Strange Priorities...

At the time of Mombeyarara’s arrest, Clare Collier, advocacy director at the campaign group Liberty, described the video of him being tasered as “incredibly distressing”.
Presumably, the fact that this 'gentleman' drove his child in an uninsured car, over the speed limit and while intoxicated, then decided to fight the police who stopped him, isn't even mildly concerning.
Mombeyarara’s solicitor, Terence Channer, from law firm Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd, said: “I am advising Mr Mombeyarara on bringing a civil action against the chief constable of Greater Manchester police for the very troubling use of force in this case.
“The IOPC are currently investigating the incident. I understand [they] have obtained crucial body-worn video footage, CCTV, and mobile phone footage, which they are reviewing. My client and I therefore await the outcome of the IOPC investigation with some interest.”
As do we all. Because if they decide there's no case to answer, the look on your greedy faces will be wonderous to behold.
Rob Potts, assistant chief constable at Greater Manchester police, said: “It is important to us that we demonstrate a commitment to equality, diversity and human rights in order to earn the confidence and trust of all our communities (Ed: I thought we had just the one..?),” he said.
“That trust is a vital element in GMP protecting society and helping keep people safe across all our communities. We are involved in constructive dialogue with community representatives in relation to this incident.”
And that's your problem. There should be no 'negotiation' with the criminal community. Which is the community he belongs to. 


Feral said...

The taser should not have been used. Many police come up against resistance when arresting, however, this man should have been forceably handcuffed, not had taser used on him. There is also the fact that there was a child that witnessed this. All the more reason to not use taser. Given that one policeman held back the child, which was correct, it seemed the policeman that used the taser was too idle/not capable of arresting the man by himself. This is poor policing. Taser should only be drawn when there is immediate danger. There was only a typical pain in the arse to arrest here. No need for weapons.

Anonymous said...

Another armchair expert who has never faced an angry man.
Forearm deflectors Feral?

The Jannie said...

Criminality+favoured demographic+ambulance chaser= Profit

MTG 1 said...

'the look on your greedy faces will be wonderous(sic) to behold.' It requires but a little imagination to make a case for accusing a lawyer and his client of being greedy, when the former acts in his client's best interests and the latter trusts to professionalism.

One day, a full Tasering will just be a routine part of any plodstop. Well, until these uniformed scum start Tasering you, JuliaM! For one of any number of offences...say "loitering with intent to use a pedestrian crossing...looking at me in a funny way or walking on the cracks in the pavement."

N.B. Apologies for copyright infringement re the fictitious PC Savage and a rigid two-fingered salute to our real-life PC 'Buster Windscreen' Savage, of the infamous Met.

Anonymous said...

urse! Nurse! Melvin's out again!

Feral said...

Just because you get paid to sit on your shiny arse Jaded, trawling the internet for wrong think, doesn't make you any better than me. If only you arrested angry people instead of going for results that gain revenue you would be a lot more appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those kind words Feral. Despite what Melvin trolls on here I have worked uniform front line for over 30 years and I'm proud of that fact. No shiny arseing for me .

Anonymous said...

'evenin' all.

JuliaM said...

"There is also the fact that there was a child that witnessed this. "

And what difference does that make? You think there might be consequences to letting these thugs know a child is a 'get out of jail free' card?

"Criminality+favoured demographic+ambulance chaser= Profit"


"...when the former acts in his client's best interests ..."

Always remember in whose best interests a lawyer works, Melvin. Their own.

"If only you arrested angry people instead of going for results that gain revenue..."

'Angry people' like speeding uninsured drivers, Feral?