Saturday, 3 April 2010

Storm In A Casserole Dish...

Finally, it seems sense has prevailed:
She was branded a murderer and forced to resign as headmistress after deciding to send the school lamb to slaughter.

But weeks after being hounded out by a minority of angry parents, Andrea Charman is returning to her post.
Which is good news; the loons should not have had such an effect on her career in the first place.
Mrs Charman, 53, was convinced to go back by colleagues, members of the county council and her local MP, the former Tory leader Michael Howard.
And there a line should be drawn under it. Indulging in hysterics and hyperbole, and drawing in that newest villain, the Internet, should be avoided at all co...

Kent county councillor Sarah Hohler said: 'The community has spoken and made their feelings known loud and clear. There is overwhelming support for her.

'The county council does not stand for cyber bullying and any form of intimidation. Under her guidance the school made tremendous progress and I know she will relish the opportunity to continue that work and do her best for the children.'
What sort of 'cyber bullying' are we talking about here?
The row turned sinister and led to a police investigation after Marcus's plight was highlighted on the internet resulting in 'possible threats of criminal damage' against the school.
Sounds serious, doesn't it?
Postings on social networking site Facebook encouraged people to target the school.

One, by Teresa Marie Compton, read: 'Burn the school down. That'll learn them.' Katie Doolittle wrote: 'Let poor Marcus live and send the headmistress to the abattoir.'

While Lisa Price posted: 'I am livid, the b******* killed him. What goes around comes around.'
Sounds no different to anything you might see on the 'Mail' or CiF. It's hardly targeted, serious threats, is it? It's simply internet blowhards.

If this is to be counted as 'cyber bullying', then I'm not taking seriously any further reports that mention the word...

Mind you, Mrs Charman's supporters aren't the only ones indulging in this:
...parents were divided on Mrs Charman's future. Adele Grant, 41, who has a ten-year-old daughter at the school, said: 'Andrea should have gone six months ago when this all started. Instead she has brought a bad name to our town.

'It's got to the stage now where this has divided our town. It's like living in a war zone. When you walk down the street you know who is on your side and who is against you.'
*rolls eyes*

Update: He's Spartacus has a nice suggestion for a welcome back present. ;)


Mike said...

Yes, hurrah for this outcome however if there was ever someone who deserved compensation then this is one. She didn't after all force feed the poor little lamb to the chiiiiiildren did she?

The son of an ex of mine believed that fish have fingers. Not the reason she is an ex but it just goes to show how woefully ill-advised some vegetarians are, she being a vegetarian amongst other things and her son living in cloud cuckoo land.

He's Spartacus said...

Yeah, but Adele looks like she might be a bit of goer, right?

JuliaM said...

" just goes to show how woefully ill-advised some vegetarians are..."

I can understand people taking it up for health reasons, but for moral reasons?


"Yeah, but Adele looks like she might be a bit of goer, right?"

You might think so. I couldn't possibly comment.. ;)