Monday, 3 December 2012

Oh, So Suddenly ‘Dog On Dog’ Attacks Are A Police Matter?

Or…does it only apply to working dogs?
A guide dog needed emergency treatment and 10 stitches to puncture wounds to his neck after a vicious dog attack.
Hmmm. What sort of dog?
… a white bull terrier type dog lunged and grabbed him by the face and neck.
Ah. What a surprise.
Two builders working nearby intervened to pull the attacking dog off and its owners left the area quickly after a number of passers by became involved.
What a pity the builders didn’t string ‘em up on the scaffolding…
Tony Cook from Guide Dogs said: "This incident clearly illustrates the importance of making sure that dogs are under the control of their owners at all times."
No! Stop generalising! What this incident illustrates is the growing threat of unsuitable owners with no control over their ‘pets’.
Describing the support she received Kane's owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "I'd like to thank the people in Leigh who came to help me and looked after me whilst I was so upset.
Guide dogs have said they have been inundated with people phoning their centre in Atherton asking if Kane and I are ok. "The police are being very supportive and are trying to locate the people with this the dog. I've only had Kane for 8months, before I had him I hardly went out, he has changed my life."
It’s nice to see the police actually taking the view that this is a matter for them.

But why? Why is this not a service available to all? Is it 'special victim' status?


Dole Finger said...

Time for the blind to upgrade to Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.

Dole Finger said...

Time for the blind to upgrade to Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.

Anonymous said...

"What a pity the builders didn't string them up on the scaffolding." The dogs? The owners? Or both?

JuliaM said...

"Time for the blind to upgrade to Caucasian Shepherd Dogs."

Clearly, Labradors just don't cut it any more. Maybe alligators would work? Not so fast, but you wouldn't have to groom them...

"The dogs? The owners? Or both?"

'Both' works for me!

David Gillies said...

Thugs wander around with dangerous dogs because they know the law has practically no purchase on their behaviour. Law-abiding people are unable to defend themselves because they, unfortunately, know the law will put them through the wringer as if they were the thugs by whom they are being victimised. The only armed citizens on the streets are criminals (by definition, since going equipped to defend yourself is an absolute offence). Thank God I don't live in the UK anymore. I can lawfully defend myself with an edged weapon against ferals both canine and human.

JuliaM said...

And won't then be arrested by the police for so doing?