Wednesday, 14 June 2017

'Nah, Don't Know Nuffin' About It...'

Police say the incident was reported to them at 1.44pm on Sunday, but no arrests have been made and no criminal offences have been reported.
Really? FFS! Did they not even bother turning up to the scene?
Paula Friend, said: “It was such a lovely day but all changed very quickly and our world has been turned upside down.”
Mrs Friend said after walking along the beach at Greatstone the group encountered a young man with a large dog as they walked back along the road way. She said: “He decided that he would cross the road. I stood back and my husband with our retriever stood behind us.
“The dog started pulling to get across to us and we still stood where we were.” The dog then slipped out of its collar and ran for Badger.
Mrs Simon said: “He just picked our dog up and he was just swinging him round. People were stopping their cars and running out their houses. They were just trying to desperately get our dog. I was just screaming for help.
“The young boy must have phoned his mum who came with a choke collar. The young lad’s trousers were just ripped off him. We felt sorry for him as well. The people had only had the dog for two weeks after they had rehomed it.”
Who rehomed a large aggressive animal with people incapable of handling it? If it was a registered charity, surely they have questions to answer?
“I was driven to the vets in Ashford by a wonderful man who lives in Greatstone while my husband stayed with our other dog waiting for the police. I knew it wasn’t good. Badger couldn’t move. It was the biggest dog I have ever seen. I have never been so scared in my life and so very helpless. It’s just so sad.
“We want to thank all the people who stopped and desperately tried to help and warn those that take on these very powerful dogs.” Mr Friend said: “You don’t understand the power of these animals. The vet that works with Emily was brilliant. Everybody was just brilliant.”
The Friends hope to get in touch with anyone who helped to say a personal thanks, in particular the Listers.
Probably better than trying to get in touch with the police, who prove themselves utterly useless once again...

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