Friday, 2 June 2017

Special Pleading By Proxy

A six-year-old has written to the Prime Minister to plead for school funding so a beloved singing teacher can remain in post.
Otis Carter wrote the letter yesterday, upon learning that freelancer Al Start would not be returning to work at Elm Grove primary school in Brighton after this half term.
Otis’s mother Deb Friis, 43, told The Argus her son was so upset on hearing the news that after a conversation about politics he decided to write to the Prime Minster.
Hmmm, when I was six, my letters were mostly to Father Christmas...
Ms Friis, who works as a maths teacher (Ed: aha!) at St Pauls secondary school in Burgess Hill, said: “They told the children last Wednesday and Otis was crying when he walked home.
“We talked about politics and he’s very aware of what’s going on and he said ‘I’m going to write to Theresa May’.
“He came up with the words and we helped him with the spelling.”
Sure you did. That's all you helped him with, I'm sure...


DJ said...

To quote the late John Junor: pass the sick bag, Alice!

Adrian of Adelaide said...

Last line of the linked article: '(Louise Willard, headteacher of Elm Grove primary) said it had been a very difficult decision, and that internal school staff will run singing assemblies in the future'.
Well, the problem (if there ever was one)has been solved hasn't it?

JuliaM said...

"To quote the late John Junor..."

I think you & I were lucky, to grow up with real journalism.

"Well, the problem (if there ever was one)has been solved hasn't it?"

Depends on what the problem really was. The lack of singing lessons, or mummy's desire for her 5 mins of fame?

Hilltop Watchman said...

And I'll just get that mummy was a labour voting member of the NUT grooming her child to hate anything non-left.