Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sounds Like You'll Be Having Some Interviews Without Coffee With The Met Later, Mayor...

...and not just because it's Ramadan, either.
What have our police become? The arrogance and indifference conceal fear, fear that they might be shown up as what they are, impotent in the face of domineering aggression from a favoured minority.


Fahrenheit211 said...

Well said there Julia. Our police are cowards for not sticking up for the rest of us in the face of Islamic aggression. I think if the police turned on the Bearded Savages who plot our destruction or rape our kids then the police would have massive support from the public for doing so.

You see more evidence of the fact that the police are trying to 'hold the PC line' in the case of the recent terror arrest in Kidderminster. The police are desperate to stop people talking about it or voicing their fears that a man Muslim axeman has been allowed to walk freely round their town, until he was nicked at what looks like the last opportunity before he killed someone. The police are not even using the 'M' word in their press release but reading between the lines it's plain to me at least that this is a foiled Islamic attack. It disgusts me to see people being treated with such contempt by police forces who should be protecting the rest of us not a bunch of noisy violent savages who not only kill and rape our children but who viciously oppress their own women, children and free thinkers.

See http://www.fahrenheit211.net/2017/06/19/now-who-or-rather-what-could-this-be/

I think it gives some indication of the angry and frustrated mood of British citizens that so many are prepared to come out and say that the man suspected of the Finsbury Park incident is a 'hero' who 'didn't kill enough Muslims' or 'should get a medal' or saying 'great job' or 'let's roll with the fight back' and similar things that I've seen out there. This is really not good as it indicates a boiling frustration with the useless and corrupt police and equally useless, spineless and appeasing politicians who are doing sod all to protect us from Islam and its more mentalist followers.

pc brown knows said...

its not like they is doin anyfink bad we as to see that us roads are safe an if they is cort goin faster than 1 mph we will nick em innit

Anonymous said...

TM should have promised a return to the core function of government ie protection of the populace from physical violence whether the source be local or abroad and that core values are equality before the law, supremacy of UK law, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech excluding only direct incitements to violence. By not doing so she has demonstrated she's not on our side.

Mud in the Blood said...

I see the police are busy policing the internet!


After reading the content of the post that was made I can't for the life of me see what 'crime' has been committed other than that of poor taste. Obviously the rozzers have plenty of spare time.

Woman on a Raft said...


South Wales Police said a 37-year-old man was being held on suspicion of displaying threatening, abusive, insulting written material with intent that is likely to stir up racial hatred.

The South Wales Police do not seem able to grasp that Islam is not a race; it is an ideology of domination.

Woman on a Raft said...

Also in South Wales


"Gelaga King, defending Abdulrahim, stressed that no physical or sexual offence was committed, and there was no suggestion of grooming."

The treats and bribes were precisely an example of grooming. It is just that they were discovered early enough. We all know how taxi drivers work.

"Mr King said Abdulrahim did not know it was illegal to take control of a child without parental consent under UK law."

Yes he did. He is a taxi driver, a condition of which is that they have to comply with the licencing instructions which include briefings on child protection. He was fully aware of what he was doing.

You may care to read Galaga King's professional profile.

Interesting that a case being heard in Cardiff ignores all the excellent local defenders and pays for a big gun from 2 Bedford Row to be drafted in. If he paid for it himself, then that is up to him. But I can see no reason it should have gone out of the area if the public are paying for the defence.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX "Mr King said Abdulrahim did not know it was illegal to take control of a child without parental consent under UK law." XX

What ever happened to Ignorantia juris non excusat?