Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Yes, People Hate Them, Because 'Racism'...

People taking their sick animals to a PDSA hospital have claimed travellers from a nearby camp are offering them dogs "for a tenner each".
According to staff and clients of the PDSA pet hospital at William Prance Road, some travellers arrived on neighbouring land on Saturday with a number of small dogs and chickens. And since then people arriving with sick and injured animals have apparently been getting offered the Chihuahua-like dogs at knockdown prices.
How lovely! Just what you want when you're on your way to the PDSA clinic.

"Hey, missus! Got a really sick animal, have ya? Likely to die, is it?"

"Well, yes..."

"Want another?"
Staff said the illegal encampment which included about seven caravans along with half a dozen vans and flat-bed trucks – parked in the street, on pavements and covering double yellow lines – was causing a lot of disruption to the daily business of the pet hospital.
 I'm pretty sure if I did that, I'd be ticketed, clamped and towed. Are the police doing anything at all?
Following an altercation at the site between two men – one of who was arrested on suspicion of affray while the other is still outstanding – police extinguished a bonfire which had been lit.

That was in March. This is now:
Travellers have returned to the car park and roads around a Plymouth pet hospital. A convoy of caravans last arrived in the car park at the PDSA pet hospital at William Prance Road, back at the end of March.
Now they appear to be back again, after vehicles began arriving last night, Monday, June 5, at 6pm.
Eyewitnesses report vehicles were causing an obstruction making it difficult for PDSA staff to get out of car park with some having to mount the pavement in order to get past. This morning, there were nine caravans and four Ford Transit vans at the scene.
It is understood both the council and police have been made aware.
The reporter was very self-contained not to have added "...for all the good that will do!"

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The Jannie said...

We've got a caravan. All we need now is a transit pickup and we'll be above the law, too.

JuliaM said...

I'm seriously considering it!