Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"This isn’t a witch hunt - I don’t want anyone finding her and knocking over her scooter."

Frankly, I don't see how that's possible, short of having one of those mini-diggers handy:
“She had a kid on the front of it and a dog alongside.
“The scooter was massive.
“She crashed into the side of one of the machines.
“She drove forwards and back and seemed to think it was funny.”
Of course she did. She knows there are no consequences.
He added that the machine was an old model and so couldn’t be repaired, but a replacement would be about £3,500. Buying the modern equivalent would cost about £5,000.
It is not a legal requirement for mobility scooters to have insurance unless they are driven on the road.
Mr Richardson said they were welcome in the arcade, as long as users were careful of children using the venue.
Anyone with information about the incident or the identity of the woman pictured can call Essex Police on 101.
For whatever good that would possibly do...

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