Thursday, 15 June 2017

Was He Paying Business Rates?

Judge Clement Goldstone, QC, said McGowan’s makeshift repairs, with the wire and wooden pallets, were “a recipe for disaster”. He said: “It’s quite clear to me you have put money and the prospects of profit from the business of breeding these animals ahead of safety.”
Well, yeah. How many did he have?
McGowan admitted being responsible for four dangerously out of control dogs. He kept 14 others, which have been re-homed with the RSPCA.
Good grief! In a small terraced house in Liverpool! The noise and smell must have been terrible.

I don't know how the poor dogs put up with it...
Mr Lennon said his “devastated” client, who cares for his six-year-old son, was “horrified and distraught” and “truly sorry”.
He said he was “vilified and demonised on social media” and “disturbed” by threats, but accepted he was not the victim.
Are we sure he's from Liverpool..?!?
The judge accepted McGowan was “devastated” but said the incident was “entirely foreseeable” and banned him from keeping dogs for 12 years.
Should have been life, but it's much more than the usual feeble ban. So long as someone makes sure to check he's obeying it...

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