Saturday, 7 July 2018

Surely There's Another 401 Idiots In Brighton?

Women from Brighton’s Labour Party’s forum have started the campaign to help pupils from low income families who are unable to afford sanitary products.
According to charity Plan International UK, one in ten girls is unable to afford sanitary wear.
Thanks to Tim Worstall, we already know this is nonsense.
Mother-of-two Sam Whittaker, from Brighton, leads the campaign.
She said:“As a society we need to break the taboo that surrounds periods and recognise that sanitary wear is a necessity not a luxury.”
So why don't you lobby for them to be VAT-free? Like the government?
The petition, asking the council to implement a policy to distribute free sanitary products in schools, is published on the council’s website.
It requires 1,250 signatures in order for it to be debated by the council on July 19.

Oh dear. Even in Brighton, you can't get enough support....


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these poverty stricken people have iPhones, 72inch mega tv sets, and the latest in music consoles (do you still have them?)? It's all a matter of priorities. Perhaps social services should periodically mention this?

Anonymous said...

And next they will want free bras and then free cosmetics ("social pressure" you see)

Flaxen Saxon said...

Shove tissue up your fanny. Tis free if you go to public toilets.