Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh, No You Don’t!

A policeman sustained a broken arm and another had his jaw fractured, when they were assaulted in York city centre.
Both officers were taken to York Hospital after the attacks, which occurred in separate incidents.
Disgraceful, and I hope they don’t simply get their assaults dismissed by the CPS as is so often the case.
North Yorkshire Police Federation (NYPF), which represents rank and file officers, said such attacks were rare but said Government funding cuts could make them more common
Whoa, there! Oh, no you don’t!

If the police top brass are cutting the front line officers, rather than the back room desk jockeys and useless PR ‘spokesmen’, that’s not the faulty of The Dreaded Tory Cuts, no matter how much you might try to spin it that way…
… although force bosses said officer levels were adequate over the Bank Holiday weekend.
The same ‘force bosses’ that said the Notting Hill Carnival was a success?

Bah! A plague on both their houses.


Ranter said...

The Police Federation have proved themselves utterly useless. The last good chairman was Mike Bennet. he must think the current incumbents are as weak as piss.
The trouble is that 'The Police' from whatever perspective just don't help themselves.

Furor Teutonicus said...

These "Government spending cuts" are taking on more and more of the atmosphere of the "climate change" and "Political correctness" religions.

I can fully see, that it was exactly such delussions, and "public preasure" that lead to old Mary Scoggins, herbalist and midwife of the Parish, and thousands, HUNDREDS of thousands of others like her, being burned at the stake. Because not to believe what the idiot crowd saw as "completely logic" was Heresey.

Who needs "sociologists" to tell us how the world came to burn witches, or gas Jews when we see EXACTLY the reason, and thought pattern in the media every day?

Anonymous said...

The cuts are economic nonsense, but what isn't is the wage cuts over the last 30 years that make cops comparatively overpaid today. If the Tories were honest they would have maintained police numbers and cut pay by 6% year on year. This is more or less what has happened to wages since 1982. The otherwise excellent PC Rathband was dearrested recently in his £300K house. The going recruitment pay in the market is about £20K. In other jobs they kick out expensive experience and recruit on the cheap. I don't approve but such is the way of this economic world.

JuliaM said...

"The Police Federation have proved themselves utterly useless."

As do most unions, when they get large enough to start looking out for themselves, rather than their members.

Exactly the same process as charities go through, actually.

"These "Government spending cuts" are taking on more and more of the atmosphere of the "climate change" and "Political correctness" religions."

Spot on!

"...the wage cuts over the last 30 years that make cops comparatively overpaid today."

Blimey, you won't get too far raising that over at Gadget's!!

Anonymous said...

Allcoppedout-I do read your blog sometimes but what you have just written is absolute rubbish.
My house is worth £350,000.Mostly because I inherited some money a few years back but also I live in a good London suburb and prices have risen.Should police officers live in tents?
If you take your recruiting argument should we now kick out experienced nurses/doctors/firemen etc if they are at the top of the wage scale? If you pay peanuts....