Thursday 24 January 2013

Never Mind, It's Another One On The DNA Database, Sarge!

No charges have been brought against a lorry driver involved in a fatal collision with a cyclist in Barking following a review of CCTV footage.
That they couldn't access straight away?
A police spokesperson said: “The investigation into this incident is now complete. After viewing the CCTV from the lorry and the street view CCTV the lorry driver was found not to be a fault.
“No charges have been brought and no further action will be taken against the driver.”
That must have been a great comfort to him after worrying all over Christmas. I wonder why you couldn't look at it before you decided to arrest?

After all, you don't always arrest the driver straight away, do you?
Mr Florey, 35, of Canning Town, worked as a mobile repair mechanic for company Babcock and would be called out to fix faults with fire engines at stations across east London including in Barking and Dagenham.
More than 300 uniformed firefighters formed a guard of honour at his funeral on December 3 at the East London Cemetery in Plaistow. He is survived by partner Julie and daughters Holli and Lauren.
Ah. Now it all becomes clear...


Anonymous said...

"The process is the punishment"-"Another set of DNA for the database".
Come on Julia,you missed out two of your favourite phrases.I'm sure the police apologised for daring to investigate a grisly death!

JuliaM said...

No-one's saying they shouldn't investigate, Jaded. Merely that they shouldn't arrest in order to do so, unless the party they suspect is uncooperative.

After all, they didn't automatically arrest in the (presumably far more emotive) child case, so why this one?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the law hasn't got a clause about uncooperative suspects.

No incident is identical to another.Police officers are not robots either,if we were you would be on here complaining as well.

Anonymous said...

Give Jaded a little room here.

Once twisted, the physical demands in performing necessary readjustments to those big woolly knickers must be very draining.