Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Oh, Look, Yet Another Dangerous Dog Attack The Police Could Have Averted…

…if only they’d taken it seriously the first time. It’s amazing how many of these there are, isn’t it?
Patricia Saunders pleaded guilty two counts of failing to control her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bruce, when it savaged a 14-year-old boy and a woman near her home in January this year.
Defending Saunders, Mike Cahill told the court that she accepted there were a number of ‘aggravating factors’ - including the fact that her family had been spoken to by police last year about the dog over another unprovoked attack on a neighbour.
Gosh. So unexpected. You’d have thought they’d learnt their lesson in Stratford, wouldn’t you? I mean, it could be them facing a vicious dog, and not an innocent bystander…
Now a tearful Saunders, 58, has been told by magistrates that her case could be sent to a crown court for sentencing - meaning she could receive a more serious penalty.
The maximum sentence for letting your dog become out of control and injure someone is two years in prison.
Anyone betting that she will? Well, fear not – she had an almost-guaranteed get out of jail free card!
Chair of the bench Richard Daniels ordered a pre-sentence report on Saunders - who has physical and mental health problems.
Yes, but still able to keep a large, expensive animal. Those savage benefit cuts, eh?


Robert the Biker said...

I wonder what sort of treatment she gave the poor thing to make it kick off regularly like this. I've owned one and she was the softest floppiest thing on the planet; even though they're a hunting dog, they hold the prey in place for the human hunter, they don't attack themselves.
Some people shouldn't have any form of animal.

Anonymous said...

the fault of this is the governments, you are not allwoed to defend yourself against muggers, as its a racist offence
as almost all muggers are black.
you cannot even defend your home as the police will do you more than the criminal.
So unable to protect yourself people are taking more and more to dangerous dogs, its a comon site to see lager louts and ordinay citezens alike with staffordshire type dogs and others

Mr. Morden said...

I am afraid Anonymous (08:31) has a point. Those people, who feel most threatened, are turning to dogs for protection of both themselves and their property.

A sad reflection of how our 'society' is going.

JuliaM said...

"I wonder what sort of treatment she gave the poor thing to make it kick off regularly like this."

Perhaps the mad bitch was feeding the mad bitch her meds..?

"I am afraid Anonymous (08:31) has a point."

It would explain the rise in people other than young hoodies owning these beasts...